The Perch Creek Family Jugband - Way Down Gone (7" Vinyl-Single) (5965372883097)

The Perch Creek Family Jugband - Way Down Gone (7" vinyl single)


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The Perch Creek Family Jugband play a style of goodtime music that might be described as a second cousin on the mother's side to bluegrass. Says Hillbilly Bob, the pater familius, "while we aint strictly speaking a bluegrass band, we are indeed deeply honored to be invited to perform at a bluegrass festival in such high falutin' company." Hailing from the blue hills of northern new south wales, this true family band has been warmly embraced at many music festivals and community events throughout Australia, playing old hillbilly tunes and tinpan alley favorites with a variety of homemade instruments and heartbreaking vocal harmonies. They have been described as an all singing, all dancing, traveling reality theater show sure to please everyone from toddlers to grandmas and grandpas.

01 Way down gone
02 Money