Andreas Schulz - Poem for a Glacier (CD) (5930705748121)

Andreas Schulz - Poem for a Glacier (CD)


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This collection of 15 songs features acoustic crossover guitar music at its finest. The special sound lies in the use of many different stringed instruments and the artful layering of impressive 3D sounds.
Stylistically, the production moves between jazz, folk, Americana and world music. In particular, the extremely tidy, clear and organic sound makes listening to Poem For A Glacier an experience. The listener likes to be carried away by cinematic grooves, flowing atmosphere and creative sounds. Andreas Schulz names musicians such as Pat Metheny, Dominic Miller, Bill Frisell, Ulf Wakenius and John Abercrombie as influences. In reality, he has developed his own style and plays in a painterly and strikingly fluent manner, while being relaxed and calm - and yet with maximum dynamics and expressiveness.

01 Dolomites
02 Cloudy
03 Country Waltz
04 Fandango 66
05 Latemar
06 Lanikai Ballad
07 Melting Sugar
08 Ballad In Red
09 Poem For A Glacier
10 Not Much To Say
11 silhouette
12 orcas
13 OM Line
14 Poem For Bill
15 spectrum