Kopie von Joscho Stephan & Peter Autschbach - Sundowner (CD) (6741993717913)

Joscho Stephan & Peter Autschbach - Sundowner (Digital Download)


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Peter Autschbach:
“Joscho Stephan is without a doubt a world-class guitarist who is best known for his incredibly virtuoso solo technique in the Django Reinhardt genre, which he interprets in his own unique and recognizable way. 
With all new and fresh ideas, he effortlessly lives up to Reinhardt's legacy. In the duo with me, Joscho shows himself from a slightly different side: also virtuoso, but more jazzy, sometimes with archtop guitar and sometimes with flat top acoustic guitar. It was great fun to record the pieces for our joint album 'Sundowner' with him in my studio (and to sing along with two of the pieces) and everything went very quickly. The reason is that we always (even if we tried a second version) decided to go for the "first take".
Half of the music consists of new, own compositions and our spontaneous interpretations of well-known standards. We are both happy and proud of the new album and I am very happy that it will also be released on vinyl. "

Quote from guitar master Siegfried Schwab:
“Dear Peter, dear Joscho, you have achieved something really great, you can't get enough of this sundowner, because it turned out to be an all-round successful recording!
My number one, of course: 'Holobiont'. With this piece you opened the door to the guitarist Champions League wide, wide. One can only be happy that such masters work here in our center (Europe).
Congratulations, your Sigi Schwab "

01 Stompin 'At The Savoy
02 Autumn Leaves
03 Donna Lee
04 holobiont
05 centerpiece
06 Still a long way to go
07 Good Times
08 Fill the gap
09 Sundowner
10 Begin At The End