Marcus Schinkel Trio & Joscho Stephan - Classic Meets Gypsy (CD) (5871780135065)

Marcus Schinkel Trio & Joscho Stephan - Classic Meets Gypsy (CD)


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Gypsy jazz is the first jazz style invented in Europe around 1930 and 140 years before that, the young Ludwig van Beethoven attracted attention at the Viennese court with unheard and novel fantasies on the piano, which had arisen at the moment - also a forerunner of jazz. What could be more obvious than bringing two great virtuosos of their instrument together - the gypsy guitarist Joscho Stephan and the classical jazz pianist Marcus Schinkel. The two musicians met in 2015 on the occasion of the Dresden Jazz Days and after a nightly session the idea of a combination of gypsy jazz and classic models for "Classic meets Gypsy" was born. They draw on different melodies from Mozart's “Figaro”, Schumann's “Children's Scenes”, Debussy's “Reverie”, the famous “Liebestraum” by Franz Liszt or Beethoven's “Wuth over the lost penny” to a brilliant Rumba version of the patent topic by Nino Rota .
Line-up: Marcus Schinkel - piano, Wim de Vries - drums, Fritz Roppel - bass, Joscho Stephan - guitar

01 The anger over the lost swing
02 Swingin 'Patetique
03 echoes from the theater
04 love dream
05 Four in Four
06 Reverie
07 Non So Più
08 Brucia La Terra (The Godfather)
09 Ode To New Joy