Michael van Merwyk - Fight The Darkness (CD) (5871748579481)

Michael van Merwyk - Fight The Darkness (CD)


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One can get angry about the injustices in life, complain about them, surrender to them - or one declares war on them! Michael van Merwyk opted for the second variant. With "Fight The Darkness", the 2-meter man with the emotional, rough voice presents his first solo album. And that's uncompromisingly reduced - one man, one guitar. Everything recorded "live" in the studio. One take per song, no overdubs.

01 The Well
02 Tell It LIke It Is
03 Fuck You, Mr Trouble
04 Heavy Load
05 Fight the Darkness
06 Just One Lie
07 Coffee
08 Motormouth Baby
09 Diddley Boogie
10 Count Your Blessings
11 The Way You Cook
12 So Endless The Night
13 Every Once In A While
14 If I Die Tomorrow