Olivier Holland feat. J. Stephan - Gypsy Meets Groove (CD) (5871706734745)

Olivier Holland feat. J. Stephan - Gypsy Meets Groove (CD)


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Bassist, composer and arranger Olivier Holland has teamed up with Joscho Stephan to produce an album with combined musical strength that breaks through stylistic barriers. “Gypsy meets Groove” skilfully interweaves Gypsy Jazz with elements from groove-oriented music such as funk, soul and reggae. Not only jazz tracks in a different style are played here. In this album, modern arrangement techniques are skillfully used to project a unique and innovative music-stylistic collage.
By keeping a purely acoustic instrumentation, the traditional sound of gypsy jazz is retained, supported by the gentle thrust of Thomas Kukkulies ’percussion and percussion.
"Gypsy meets Groove" represents another milestone on the way to musical stylistic development. An absolute "must" for gypsy jazz enthusiasts and groovy listeners.

01 Out Of Nowhere (Green / Heyman)
02 Song For Eore (Holland)
03 All Blues (Davis)
04 Smile (Chaplin)
05 Don't Look Any Further (Golde / Lambert)
06 La vie en rose (Louiguy)
07 Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Arlen)
08 Chameleon (Hancock)
09 Yardbird Suite (Parker)
10 Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson)