Rio Nin - For Your Ears Only (CD) (5871828140185)

Rio Nin - For Your Ears Only (CD)


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“I want music that celebrates what is and what we often no longer notice. Something beyond words.”
Guitarist Rio Nin takes the hustle and bustle of everyday life down several gears on his album "For Your Ears Only". The meditative sounds come with serenity and calmness. They make listening a summer stroll for the ears. The Danes call this feeling of security “hygge”. But what do words say?
Everything started in the sleepy Nordhorn. cover songs? sing along? I can't. At 15 you have a lot to say to the world. So Rio Nin, aka Mario Brünink, taught himself a few moves, formed a band with a friend and stormed... no, not the charts... but anything that reminded one of a stage. You have to sweat for your first musical laurels. "We didn't want to be coffin savers," says Brünink. "No people dimming their lives." Music was protest. Against feet that have fallen asleep, narrow-minded thinking and sofa wasteland.
“I wanted something completely different. Breaking away with "Smoke on the water" and "Wish you were here" in the musical long-term memory. Something is happening there and he wants to be a part of it. The first compositions were recorded with a borrowed tape. Singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and the Eagles cheered him on.
"That has always remained: I want to move something with my music," says the guitarist.
And for that, every stylistic device was and is right for him. He mixes elements of folk, rock, jazz and classical music in a well-tempered manner and creates his own, unmistakable sound.
Rio Nin: "Nature in particular has always inspired me."
Style drawers aren't really Nin's thing. Whether with influences of fado, light Mediterranean music, folk or Bach: on the expressive steel-string guitar and with the technique of fingerpicking, Rio Nin creates spaces with his music that you want to crawl into. And in which one dives into the beauty of the world with wide eyes. Everything without words. Stop good music.

01 Running On Clouds
02 The Scent Of Home
03 I Hear The World With You
04 Smiling River
05 Summer Waltz
06 September Blues
07 Winter Moon
08 Blue Balloon
09 Two Worlds
10 Remember
11 Winter Silence