Michael van Merwyk – T-Shirt mit Aufdruck „Fuck You, Mr. Virus“ inkl. Smart Record und zwei Download-Songs (5900602736793)

Michael van Merwyk - T-shirt with the print “Fuck You, Mr. Virus” including Smart Record and two download songs


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Limited shirt (black) including 2 new songs to download and "I Had A Hard Way To Go (Best Of ... So Far!)" - Smart Record.

The two new songs can be downloaded at the end of the order.

What is a Smart Record?
The Smart Record is a new form of music album that combines analog and digital. An XXL booklet made with love contains lyrics, the biography of the musician, unpublished photos and a download code for the music. The two largest streaming services Spotify and Apple Music are also linked: simply scan the QR code and have it called up: The Smart Record is something you can touch and still offers the full convenience of digital music listening.

These tracks are part of the Smart Record:

1. The Well
2. Warm
3. Happy Man
4. Blues Keeps Calling My Name
5. Fight the Darkness
6. Count Your Blessings
7. A Soul Ain't Worth A Dime
8. Heal My Wounds
9. Will Love Find My Again
10. Coffee
11. Next Trouble To Come
12. Hard way to go
13. Won't Get Any Better
14. Darkest Night
15. Diddley Boogie
16. New Shoes
17. Ease My Pain
18. Road To Run
19. Here comes love
20. Motormouth Baby
21. Ain't No Bluesman
22. Good loving
23. I Still Believe
24. New Road
25. If I Die Tomorrow