Bad Temper Joe - The Maddest of Them All (CD) (5871788687513)

Bad Temper Joe - The Maddest of Them All (2CD)


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Songwriter and guitarist Bad Temper Joe opens a new chapter in his young musical career with his sixth studio production "The Maddest of Them All". Five years after his debut album, friends and fans of the 26-year-old can even look forward to an extra portion: The latest long player is the East Westphalian's first double album and includes 22 brand new songs in two acts that are deeply rooted in folk, country and blues.
"The Maddest of Them All" once again presents Bad Temper Joe as a brilliant storyteller and thoroughbred musician. The stories are more powerful and exciting than ever and show another personal side of Bad Temper Joe. Here he slips into the role of a Yankee soldier in the American Civil War, there in that of an outlaw on the run, elsewhere he talks about the problems of mobile phone addiction, sings that life is just a risky game or about life as a traveler Musician.
The songs were recorded completely live and without overdubs on five cold November days in the Watt Matters Studio in the Teutoburg idyll, partly supported by Joe's band with Max Dettling on bass and Paul Moser on drums. Guest appearances also include Marcel Rahe on harmonica and David Lübke on banjo and guitar. The music is presented close, personal and genuine, without much decoration, without slapstick, so that the focus is on the songs and stories. Because that's what Bad Temper Joe stands for.

CD 1
01 Hell’s Gonna Fly
02 Bad Gasoline
03 Talkin’ 21st Century Schizoid Blues
04 My Favorite Things
05 Heartache Shuffle #13 & #36
06 Flyin’
07 A Smoke, Burgers & Beer
08 Supper in Mexico
09 Postcards Ain’t Enough
10 Rules & Lies
11 Highway Takes the Lonely

CD 2
01 Everything’s Gonna Be Just Fine
02 Waiting in Vain
03 Bury Me Anyplace But Mississippi
04 Cheap Beer & One Night Stands
05 Blues Never Stumbles
06 Life’s a Gamble
07 Races to Run
08 Rebel River Incident
09 High Hopes
10 Mind Over Matter
11 Our Love (for Livia)