Frantic Percussion Ensemble - Wheeled (CD) (5871695495321)

Frantic Percussion Ensemble - Wheeled (CD)


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Frantic: feverish, raging, beside himself.
They are feverishly looking for new grooves, sounds and media, mad with curiosity when discovering and exploring new percussive worlds, beside themselves with joy of playing on the street and on the stage - the seven musicians of the "frantic percussion ensemble" from Lüneburg . They are young, cheeky, have skills, passion and the wonderful charm of the fresh - in short: frantic percussion has the license to take your breath away and carry you away. Totally legal.
The highest level of perfection and enormous creative potential has repeatedly inspired the audience in recent years. Among other things, at the summer music days in Hitzacker, the Lower Saxony Music Days, the project for new music "Heiderauschen", at the NDR, the young talent festival Musik 21 and at concerts in Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.
The "frantic percussion ensemble" is dedicated to contemporary music as well as classical percussion pieces. But their own compositions are just as important, and the young musicians incorporate influences from a wide variety of styles such as drum n bass, minimal music and jazz.

01 Concerto for prepared piano and percussion, part V
02 Bell air
03 Double music
04 Clapping music variations
05 Pling 4
06 Dissolving scenery
07 Wheeled
08 tikS
09 Devil's Ladder
10 Da pacem dominae
11 Pling 4 (head tone)
12 Da pacem dominae (head tone)