Lautenliedduo Hamann, Bleich - Cara Mia Cetra (CD) (5911217045657)

Lute song duo Hamann, Bleich - Cara Mia Cetra (CD)


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"I wanted to sing like Orpheus" once said and sang a well-known songwriter and that is exactly what the well-known baritone Jens Hamann impressively demonstrates on his new album. Together with Thorsten Bleich, one of Germany's most renowned guitar and lute instrumentalists of early music, Hamann demonstrates his extraordinarily multifaceted and versatile singing skills in an exciting collection of songs from the 17th century. Bach Prize winner Jens Hamann, who has gained an international reputation as a concert singer in larger ensembles, demonstrates his ability here in the wide range between quiet, delicate intimacy and expansive, powerful vocal power, as Orpheus could not have done better.
The emotionality of the ancient hero runs like a red thread through the songs of Italian and English composers and shows the fascination that the legend of ancient Orpheus aroused in various musical cultures. A captivating program recorded on this CD which could well be the perfect soundtrack for Orpheus on his journey into the underworld.

01 Orpheus I am
02 I burn
03 Rosa del ciel
04 Often I sworn I d love no more
05 Cara mia Cetra andianne
06 Prelude
07 Gioite al mio natal
08 Have you seen the bright lily grow?
09 Passacaglia in la
10 Tropo sotto due stelle alme
11 It was a Lover and his Lass
12 White though ye be, yet, Lilies, know