Boris Steinberg - Best Of (CD) (5871774990489)

Boris Steinberg - Best Of (CD)


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The Berlin singer and lyricist Boris Steinberg, a chanson singer in the best sense of the word, takes stock. On his "Best Of" album, Boris collects the core pieces of his creative work to date: In the wild chanson Berlin after the fall of the Wall, the starting shot was fired and within a few years he won his permanent place in the so-called "New Berlin chanson scene" and counted alongside Tim Fischer, Cora Frost, Tanja Ries and Georgette Dee on the new chanson interpreters.
This is how chansons and songs from 25 years now come together on this “Best Of”! Poetically clear mood pictures and sensitive interior views, as well as charismatic pop ballads, partly in new arrangements or with gentle guitar tones, accompanied by his longtime musical companion Tobias Schmidt.
Songs such as "Unter meine Haut" and Parachutists, which also made their way onto the radio and placed in the SWR best song list, can be heard, as well as the setting of a poem, Spiegelleben, by the poet and writer Mario Wirz, who died in 2013.

1. Between Here and Somewhere
2. Wall children
3. Drama Queen
4. Under my skin
5. One more time
6. Thunderstorm (when love dies)
7. Leaps of thought
8. Wandering heart