Felix Janosa - In der Hitfabrik (CD) (5871678718105)

Felix Janosa - In the Hit Factory (CD)


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In his new program "In der Hitfabrik", composer ("Ritter Rost"), cabaret artist, pianist and producer Felix Janosa uses his 20 years of experience in the recording studio and music biz in a humorous and satirical way: whether he has the "99 greatest mega hits of all time" in three minutes, whether he shows us how to write an advertising song for a bedwetting diaper, initiates us into the factory production of German hits, or prepares bushido-like Goethe's Faust for Berlin's problem kids.
Pop, jazz, classical and above all parody: Musically, the program is a 100-minute tour de force through all epochs and styles, virtuoso parodies stand alongside groovy jazz, black humor in the best Georg Kreisler style alternates with thoughtful pop songs. The program is served either solo or (if the organizer's budget allows) in a classic jazz piano trio.

01 recall
02 In the hit factory
03 Five hundred percent
04 The ball
05 She can't sell herself
06 Modest
07 Cheap
08 The girls in front
09 music jewel
10 Sir Paul's New Symphony
11 The tick in the career plan
12 If Bach were alive today
13 Fred Weasley was never allowed to die