Karl Neukauf - Blaue Erbsen (CD) (5871673770137)

Karl Neukauf - Blue Peas (CD)


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Be it on a white flokati carpet, on the dark green plush sofa from 1972, in the neon light of concrete buildings drenched in graffiti or in the dark sun of the evening light. Counting peas with the Berlin chansonnier has nothing to do with the grocery chain of the same name, but is a treat for all friends of the small print and makes you snap your feet and shake your head. The peas are musical postcards, polished gems from the music quarry, blooming edelweiss, very commonplace without being trivial.
Bubbling piano cascades, rattling percussion and a deep voice bore into your ears. Sluggish drums, distant sounds of accordion, double bass and harmonium. Cellicatessen in waltz time, over-the-top electro guitars in polka style or just Karl on the piano. All instruments, all voices, lyrics, music played, sung, formulated and composed by Karl Neukauf.

01 Berlin
02 The liver of your louse
03 page 404
04Snail Dance
05 Junk & TV
06 Edelweiss
07 Four hands piano
08 flip book
09 Mild Wednesday morning
10 subway shaft
11 go lights
12 Different from the rest
13 Good night at the hotel
14 intercom
15 Cheers with a shower