Katelijne Philips-Lebon - Les Spatz (CD) (5871769485465)

Katelijne Philips-Lebon - Les Spatz (CD)


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Katelijne Philips-Lebon, singing actress, acting chanson singer from Belgium, with residence and roots in Berlin, takes the listener on her current CD "Les Spatz" into the French pop chanson.
Written especially for her with her own texts and compositions, she sings about her love for the city of Berlin and other metropolises (“Les villes”), the cheeky Berlin sparrows, these filous, who actually stand for Berlin much more than the original Berlin bear (“Les Spatz de Berlin") and about life with its ups and downs and its little games ("La vie est comme un jeu") Musically, this CD offers a wide range of compositions; From classic chanson (“Touche-moi”) to gentle bossa-nova rhythms (“Demande-moi”) to unconventional pop arrangements, written by Robin Fuchs, Francois Giroux, Matthias K. Herrmann, Gerd Heger, Hans Fahling, Brigitte Jäger and Katelijne Philips-Lebon. This CD was arranged and produced by bensonrecordings.
So make yourself comfortable, sip a glass of wine, lean back on the sofa or get behind the wheel of your car, put on this CD, drive off and let yourself be relaxed and enchanted by the musical stories of Katelijne Philips- take Lebon with you.

1. Les Spatz de Berlin
2. Les villes
3. Demande-moi
4. Loulou manager
5. Tres haut dans le ciel
6. Touche-moi
7. La vie est comme un jeu