Krysztof Daletski - Ein Durakkord schiene mir Übermut (CD) (5871806578841)

Krysztof Daletski - A major chord seemed to excite me (CD)


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It seems as if the time of the critical song was over with the death of Franz Josef Degenhardt in 2011. At least it has disappeared from public perception. Krysztof Daletski is one of those who continues this tradition. He says: "Unfortunately, the times are such that I can no longer say: 'Let someone else do it'". And so he writes songs that deal with current trends, e.g with the market-radical ideology, which calls itself "non-ideological". The booklets of the CDs contain background information and self-drawn caricatures. Accompanied only with the guitar, he sings in a duet with his daughter: sometimes direct, sometimes pathetic, sometimes satirical.

01 A happy song
02 Justifications
03 Fiŝoj en la dezerto
04 Possible to a limited extent
05 The value of learning
06 Gardi la revon
07 The neoliberal litany
08 Two percent
09 Michel's military reawakening
10 Of Snakes And Men
11 Different times, different words
12 The fruit of righteousness will be peace