Loosefit - Gerne wieder (CD) (5871734554777)

Loosefit - gladly again (CD)


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Almost two years ago, two musicians met by chance. One wanted a band, the other wanted to see it. Loosefit came out with lots of brand new songs of their own, which can best be assigned to a genre that could be called pop chanson. A fusion of a lot of experience and despite everything cheerful, of sparkling and serenity, of younger and older, of tender and down-to-earth, of melancholy and optimism.

01 No wind, just weather
02 Not inconvenient
03 Like a balloon
04 Not at all
05 Hope is dying on the web
06 Gladly again
07 Teapot
08 bastard
09 I'm not entirely sure
10 To die for
11 Ick, the prudence ever felt
12 Flown out
13 If you believe that
14 To your own heart
15 Ariel (Ghost Track)