Mai Horlemann - Endlich allein (CD) (5871768666265)

Mai Horlemann - Finally Alone (CD)


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Mai Horlemann's chansons tell of the great adventures of everyday life, of the most secret wishes, of longings, and of dreams that have long since been buried. Finally alone? Is this a nightmare or the big draw? Humorous and at the same time revealing, the songs tell of how we always want to reinvent ourselves, always on the search for our true selves, stainless happiness. The singer and her lyrical "I" report on failure and getting up, on going on and on weak hours. These chansons are unsentimental consolation for sore souls and highly effective medicine for tired everyday acrobats. Prescription-free and almost free.
The arrangements by the composer and pianist Frank Helfrich begin a lively dialogue with Mai Horlemann's multicolored voice and her poetic texts. Under his direction, a small orchestra, from the sousaphone to the bassoon, from the piano to the cello, conjures up a wide range of emotions and moods: melancholic, boyish, cheerful and saddened to death, cheeky and heavenly deep. Without crowdfunding this project would not have come about. What is the crowd? First of all, it was the guests of the program "Finally Alone", who enthusiastically called for encores. This CD is the encore that would not have been possible without the many supporters. What does that tell us? If you dare to dream, you will find people who reward this courage because they are dreaming themselves. You and me: This is the crowd. Our thanks go to you and a deep deep bow!

01 Tired
02 My child in comparison
03 Last rendezvous
04. Masterpiece
05 Time heals all wounds
06 We are no longer twenty
07 Last request
08 Beef in Schweinfurt