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Mélinée - Berline (CD)


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Their songs are rooted in "L'Amour avec un grand Aïe" (The Love with a Great L-eid) of disappointed, impossible or only dreamed love, from which songs are made. She herself falters in all of this, dropping feathers and loosening her own in the process, touched by those she calls her "musots" ("Masculine form of the muse, deliciousness of my words").
She continues to act at the Goethe-Institut in Toulouse, gets into Werther's language and occasionally stays briefly on the other side of the Rhine, where her fascination for Berlin grows. In 2010, she ends up there and in a love story. "Because I met the people from Tacheles - das - and played with new musicians, I was able to cross this threshold, I finally dared to leave Toulouse. I've never regretted it, it was a dream that came true and with it a very different and exciting life that began, far away from the demons of my hometown... My love for Berlin remains untouched, even if it's time des Tacheles, which I sometimes long for, no longer exists and the future of the city worries me. This city calms me, inspires me, develops me...
When I'm away from her I miss her like others miss a man, for me it's the city of my life!” Berlin's history and its locations, its urban poetry and its troubling future inspire the singer to write poignant verses. Mélinée reveals her doubts and whims like many different landscape pictures of the state of mind, talks about her love addictions, her encounter with an "Astronhomme" or "AstronoMann", or draws an impressive picture of tango dancers... Reveals her accordion or the deported Jewess Etty Hillesum a tribute or tells us about the difficult profession of acting... Her texts are dense and well-written, at the same time personal and poetic, of universal power. They contain hope and nostalgia, but also enigmatic wit and humor as a suitable counterpoint to melancholy. It all adds up to this "melancomic" world that's all her own. Harnessed to her accordion, she gained her first experiences on some Toulouse stages with her accomplice Maxime Dupuis on the cello. Together they won third place at the Prix Nougaro in May 2010.

01 Berlin
02 acro
03 On the planches
04 TV tower
05 Tango en si
06 Astronhomme
07 Amoureuse de l'ombre
08 Nous sommes rien
09 Les tangueros
10 corn lit nez
11 Chanson d'amour pour un beau garçon
12 Entre ciel et terre
13 Mots geints