Roland Jankowsky - Nur der, der lebt, lebt angenehm ... (Jankowsky singt und spricht Villon) (CD) (5871760703641)

Roland Jankowsky - Only he who lives lives comfortably ... (Jankowsky sings and speaks Villon) (CD)


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I'm so wild about your strawberry mouth - that's probably the most famous sentence by François Villon. In 26 chansons and ballads, Roland Jankowsky, with musical accompaniment, shows Villon, who made his living as a mugger and womanizer in France in the 15th century and recorded his wild life in poems.
The unity inherent in opposites such as death and life, love and separation, wealth and poverty, all and the François Villon got to the point so razor-sharp, Roland Jankowsky and his pianist follow meticulously in performance and singing. A good half of the ballads in the program were set to music.
The music was penned by Essen composer Tilman Reimers. The CD "Only he who lives, lives comfortably" includes the setting of Jankowsky's Villon program.

1. Overture
2. Quatraint that Villon wrote after the announcement of his death sentence
3. The Ballad of a Nice Little Barber
4. The Ballad of Faithless Cylea
5. The Ballad of the Coquillards
6. A little ballad about the little mouse that gave birth in Villon's cell
7. Ballad of short figures of speech
8. Ballad from the Famous Women of Antiquity
9. The ballad of the good and the bad way of life
10. The Summer Ballad of Poor Louise
11. A little love ballad composed for Jeanne C. de Quèe
12. The ballad of the blasphemous tongues
13. The ballad of self-help
14. A Little Robber Ballad by the Three Coquillards
15. The ballad of Villon and his fat Margot
16. A ballad in love for a girl named Yssabeau (Arietta bel canto)
17. The Ballad of the Fair City of Morah
18. The ballad of little Florestan
19. Whore Ballad
20. The ballad of the pleasant life in this world