SIR - …statt Hollywood schaukeln (CD) (5871715352729)

SIR - ...instead of Hollywood rocking (CD)


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"You're very familiar with the scene, you know Till and Vito Schnabel - you make me big," SIR sings on her debut album "...instead of rocking Hollywood."
Instead of Hollywood glamor and ice-cold superficiality, the Berlin actress and singer Saskia Inken Rutner, who hides behind the letters SIR, wants to tell stories that look behind facades and always come straight from her heart. SIR sings about drunken nights, about her relationship to mathematics, looks into Berlin's backyards, sends a message in a bottle to a distant soul or creates courage and laughter where there used to be sadness.
Deutschlandfunk writes about her: “In her songs, the fun-loving Berliner tells little stories from her city, sometimes with great emotion, sometimes with infectious humour. From time to time there are little Berlin touches in the lyrics, but a lying romance with Icke is never built up.”

01 sun
02 Come out
03 Wrecked
04 sine wave
05 And I'm dancing
06 Super suspect
07 dry ice
08 Health food store
09 Spring in Berlin
10 At the window at night