Waldkind - s/t (CD) (5871672819865)

Forest child - s/t (CD)


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The singer Andra Barz has sung almost everything, especially jazz, she improvises with virtuosity, writes radio plays, composes for audio books and often works with vocally generated, layered sounds.
For her first album, which she wrote entirely herself, she turned to herself - and the result is a beautiful CD. The fifteen very melodic songs paint intimate mood pictures that are sometimes gently poetic or subtly question society and even reach into the mystical of nature. They are songs, somewhere between chanson, art song and pop, with rhyming lyrics that are very personal and would be worth the effort just to read them... Plant names usually provide the keywords for songs full of inner wealth and the soulful expression of a happy experience Childhood.

01 White Lilac
02 The pink flower
03 Redfire Earth
04 forest child
05 Five snowdrops
06 Forget-me-nots
07 The little gray hamster
08 Paradise Rooms
09 The Kro Kiss
10 soul size
11 The little flower
12 Blossoming Love
13 fire water earth air
14 The dandelion
15 Lily of the Valley Room & Moss Room