Chaosbay – Tragedy No. 1 (CD) (6145761738905)

Chaosbay - Tragedy No. 1 (CD)


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CHAOSBAY’s 20-minute track "Tragedy No.1" is one of the band's first releases in 2015. According to singer and main songwriter Jan Listing, it was the first song ever composed for this band. Inspired by musical role models such as PAIN OF SALVATION, DREAM THEATER or PORCUPINE TREE, a continuous piece was composed that combines a variety of motifs and themes, a modern, powerful production (by Dani Weber, bassist of the band THE INTERSPHERE) and a complex arrangement. In the following years this “symphonic” approach to composition would become the band's trademark. The EP is considered the predecessor of the highly acclaimed debut album VASILISA, which was released that same year (also due to some hidden hints in the booklet). As a harbinger of this legendary 40-minute concept album (also available here at Timezone), it is also bursting with virtuoso instrumental passages, tricky rhythms, catchy hooks, heavy riffs and shines with the multi-faceted voice of Jan Listing, who growls, raps and sings his way through all octaves with ease. Fans of STEVEN WILSON, MUSE or SYMPHONY X will definitely enjoy this record.

"Well, if that doesn't whet your appetite for the upcoming 40-minute piece VASILISA." - Metal Hammer 2015

“Powerful, undeniably original Progmetal" - Babyblaue Seiten 2019

01 Chapter I: The Issue
02 Chapter II: The Society
03 Chapter III: The Decline
04 Chapter IV: The Climax
05 Chapter V: The Upshot