Chaosbay – Vasilisa remastered (CD) (6137091686553)
Chaosbay – Vasilisa remastered (CD) (6137091686553)
Chaosbay – Vasilisa remastered (CD) (6137091686553)

Chaosbay – Vasilisa remastered (CD)


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Prog metal outfit CHAOSBAY from Berlin / Kaiserslautern are re-releasing their debut album VASILISA (2015) as a completely remastered version. This time with a classy digipack design, including lyrics and credits. With its digital release in 2015, the album made the band internationally known as a prog insider tip. The record is based on the Russian fairy tale "The beautiful Vasilisa" by Alexander Afanasyev and is a concept album, which tells the story in terms of content and music through all eight chapters.

Brutal staccato riffs, double-bass thunderstorms and epic melodies lead through this piece at high speed. The sound can be compared to bands like DREAM THEATER, OPETH and PORCUPINE TREE. In the process, topics are repeatedly taken up, processed and combined almost symphonically to form a large overall work that sounds closed, entertaining and exciting. Singer and main songwriter Jan Listing screams, growls, sings playfully over several octaves, from gentle to aggressive. Virtuoso instrumental passages alternate with catchy hooklines and atmospheric pads. Produced and mixed by Daniel Weber (bass player for German prog-gods THE INTERSPHERE), the album shines with a powerful, modern and yet organic sound. VASILISA brings CHAOSBAY into another league and gives a foretaste of the highly acclaimed follow-up album ASYLUM (2020).

"Strong and definitely worth hearing" - Baby Blue Pages 2019

"Vasilisa means queen - a worthy name for this masterpiece" - 2015

01 I. Prologue 03:25
02 II. Three Brothers (Will You Marry Me) 05:43
03 III. Arrow One (Raise The Veil) 07:11
04 IV. Arrow Two (Pathetic) 05:17
05 V. Arrow Three (The Curse) 03:40
06 VI. Revenge (Come Back Home) 05:29
07 VII. The Rescue (Hail To The King) 05:34
08 VIII. Secret King (Creeping) 04:54