greenbeats - Das Beste aus 10 Jahren (DVD) (5965373702297)

greenbeats - The best of 10 years (DVD)


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In 2.5 hours you will see the best live recordings, studio sessions, concert excerpts, a look behind the scenes as well as lots of additional information and interviews. Featuring: Johannes Bohun Lukas Depenthal Christoph Elixmann Lena Marie Glasmeyer Benjamin Gutzeit Marion Gutzeit Ann-Kathrin Hartmann Christian Kampe Fabian Koke Nico Möller Alessio Morón Sina Niemeyer Timm Pieper Nils Rissland Ann-Kathrin Rüter
Guests: drummer-be-ensemble • Volker Hartmann • Tom Heise • Matthias Lohmöller • Men's thing A Capella • Mindfields • Dominik Schad • Jörg Zumstrull Compositions: Timm Pieper (except 18 Raphael Meinhart, 19 Johannes Bohun, 40 Rage Against The Machine, 41 David Paich & Jeff Procaro)
Camera: Andreas Peping, Levin Therling, Kai Lünnemann, Christian Apwisch
Editor, director: Timm Pieper (except 14, 19: editor Levin Therling)
Photos: Manfred Pollert, Kai Lünnemann
Sound: Matthias Lohmöller, Levin Therling, Florian Spille
DVD graphics and mastering: Timezone Records