Vicente Patíz - Live 2015 (DVD + CD) (5871729115289)

Vicente Patíz - Live 2015 (DVD + CD)


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He knows how to captivate his audience with his relaxed and charming manner and lets the listeners see the world through his eyes. He takes you to the dream beaches of Portugal and Spain or describes beautiful moments and adventures in Australia or Canada. Patíz elicits incredible things from his guitars, whether he caresses them or fiery celebrations, whether he lets them sing or works on them with a nail file to conjure up jungle sounds. What remains is just amazement.

01 Song For My Dad
02 Desert Rose
03 Laughing Children
04 Tibet
05 Luna
06 Andalucia
07 Farfalla
08 Aqua
09 La Bella Isabella
10 Santa Maria
11 tribute
12 Mongolian Waltz / India
13 Let's Go
14 Sweet Dreams