Universal Rhythm Blasters At Work - Pub Urbaw (CD) (5871810281625)

Universal Rhythm Blasters At Work - Pub Urbaw (CD)


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"Windfire" was the first CD by the band "Universal Rhythm Blasters at Work" (URBAW) founded by Georg Edlinger. The album was released by Hoanzl and Broken Silence. After that, a digital edition of Pub URBAW was released! Now the EP is finally available on CD! Vocals, percussion & electronics mix into an independent musical universe - into a new form of sophisticated mainstream!
Artpop - modern songwriting - musically perfectly implemented, a mix of rock, pop and techno elements! "Universal Rhythm Blasters at Work" is the name of the band and at the same time the name of the illustrious crew from the pub URBAW. Rhythmic timelines like the Clave (Key of URBAW) are key to the Universal Rhythm Blasters pub at Work! Parties in the URBAW pub are legendary and the URBAW crew invites you to dance together with combative rock sermon mantras and techno clubbing sounds. Yeah!

01 Universal Rhythm Blasters At Work
02 Key Of Urbaw
03 Pub Urbaw
04 Move The Werewolves