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Aleion - Meanwhile (CD)


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Sometimes the best trips are those that stay on your couch. Leaning back and relaxing with a cup of tea or maybe something stronger. With their debut, Aleion invite you to share a few experiences, stories, tastes, moods and ideas. The pieces quickly develop a life of their own. Suddenly we find ourselves on a hike through the undergrowth of violin and guitar, which should be less about beginnings, goals and fixed plans and much more about what fits, what is between us.
"Meanwhile" brings along eight fresh compositions. From the luggage to the table: three by Jonas Liesenfeld, three by Alex Thinius and two written together. "Liederzyklops", played on guitarlele and Swedish nyckelharpa, opens the album with an unusually light pace. The next fifty minutes are dedicated to the violin and guitar. Sometimes denser, sometimes looser, sometimes faster, sometimes slower - sometimes a wide field, sometimes a dark cave.
The artwork by Niels de Jong and the production by Steffen Lütke from Fattoria Musica give the music of "Innow" the right setting: a violin, a guitar, a room - live in the studio, on an old farm, everything between Alex and Jonas arises. With a last look at the starry sky and at the not quite full hour, the conversation with "Lizzy" comes to rest.
Aleion is the duo of Jonas Liesenfeld (violin) and Alex Thinius (guitar). In 2013 the two met at the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem and co-founded the trio Alerusjon. Their music includes everything that can be found between Amsterdam and Wetter an der Ruhr. It is not entirely without intention that Aleion repeatedly sounds akin to folk, pop, tango, bossa nova, choro, minimal music, baroque, renaissance, flamenco, impressionism and film music.

1. Song Cyclops
2. Home And Dale
3. Humming
4. Stopped Writing Poems
5. Part 13: Insame
6. Earth Sea
7. Fantasy
8. Lizzy's Lullaby