FouFou - Waldlos (CD) (5871817588889)

FouFou - Forestless (CD)


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The contemporary jazz piano trio with David K. Ehlers, Claas-Hennig Dorries and Ingvar is back on stage with their new album. WALDLOS talks about the last few years and maybe the years to come in a touching, deeply moving and full of gratitude.
One thing is certain. As soon as the first sounds fill the room, the three musicians cast a spell over their listeners, from which they are only released after the end of the concert. No matter whether on large stages or in small living rooms. With influences from contemporary jazz but also passages that are more ascribed to popular music, FouFou creates a self-sufficient, free sound that suits a wide variety of occasions.

01 Let the summer go
02 Procrastination
03 I stand by you
04 Forestless
05 Medaase
06 helix