Jan Alexander Trio - Of Memories To Come (CD) (5871753003161)

Jan Alexander Trio - Of Memories To Come (CD)


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The trio around pianist Jan Alexander is constantly searching for the unknown within a familiar context. The three musicians use their own compositions from the field of modern jazz as a starting point and framework for the new exploration of apparent circumstances. It is no coincidence that the pieces deal with themes such as restlessness, being on the lookout and change.
With Michael Knippschild on drums and Calvin Lennig on double bass, Jan Alexander has found fellow musicians who give him the foundation and space to improvise freely and without restrictions.
With "Of Memories To Come" the trio will release their debut album in October 2019. The Cologne trumpeter Heidi Bayer can be heard as a feature guest on three songs.

Jan Alexander - piano, synthesizer
Calvin Lennig - double bass
Michael Knippschild - drums
Special Guest: Heidi Bayer - flugelhorn

01 Sublime
02 Of Memories To Come
03 Finding Happiness (Interlude)
04 Hastily Hesitant 05 Fumblin'
06 On The Verge (feat. Heidi Bayer)
07 Hiking
08 Ease My Mind
09 Reprise (Interlude)
10 Tightrope Walk (feat. Heidi Bayer)
11 Mantra (feat. Heidi Bayer)