Johanna Schmoll - Alright (CD) (6104307531929)

Johanna Schmoll - Alright (CD)


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"Alright" is the name of the first EP by the Osnabrück jazz singer Johanna Schmoll (born May 11, 1997). In the summer of 2019 she completed her studies at the Institute of Music with the program of the same name. Now the EP (Fattoria Musica Records) will be released in March, on which the young singer is accompanied by a great band consisting of Nils Bölting (guitar), Luca Dechert (drums), Matthias Banse (bass and keyboard), Mechal Bork (viola ) and Pia Schmoll (violin).
The compositions were written by the singer. Beautiful melodies and lyrics are presented in a soulful, poppy guise. Johanna's musical influences from jazz, soul, gospel but also classic can be heard clearly and form a wonderful and special character.

01 Alright
02 Stronger
03 Rumor Has It
04 Secret Love