Josse van der Schaft Trio - Hollow (CD) (5871768928409)

Josse van der Schaft Trio - Hollow (CD)


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We - Augustas Baronas on drums, Tijs Klaassen on double bass and Josse van der Schaft on piano - recorded our debut album titled "Hollow" last summer in Osnabrück, Germany. We'll be releasing the album on February 2nd 2018 with the newly founded German label Fattoria Musica Records.
We've attended the Conservatory of Amsterdam and Boyer College of Music in Philadelphia and met while studying in the Master program of the Conservatory in Amsterdam in 2016.
While playing our original material it is our goal to find a balance between intensity and playfulness, simplicity and expressiveness. Hollow consists out of originals by the band leader, and is inspired by classical music from the 20th century (amongst others Alban Berg, Olivier Messiaen and Maurice Ravel) and contemporary European jazz music (amongst others Kenny Wheeler and Harmen Fraanje).

1. Hollow
2. Love Always
3. Celiaans
4. Hoep East
5. Bambino
6. Soma
7. Hop West
8. Maison Rouge