Nordsnø Ensemble - Om svalor och smältvatten (12" Vinyl-Album)

Nordsnø Ensemble - Om svalor och smältvatten (12" vinyl album)


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As a homage to the natural beauty and freedom, but also to the dark and fantastic mysticism of Scandinavia, the Nordsnø Ensemble musically addresses the poetry of life in "Om svalor och smälvatten" (Of Swallows and Meltwater). The ensemble's second album will be released on November 27th, 2020 on Fattoria Musica Records. Their music combines Scandinavian folklore with modern jazz, with elements from progressive rock and electronic music tastefully coloring the pieces on the new album. In the "Snöporten" suite, the ensemble is complemented by a string quartet. The piece was composed in cooperation with the composer and arranger Vincent Dombrowski and the Swedish singer Anna Arco and represents the highlight of the album creates the most fantastic images of Scandinavian beauty in the minds of all listeners.

01 The blomstertid is coming
02 Solveigs sang
03 Vuggevise (Noen comer, noen går)
04 Till havs
01 Snöporten I
02 Snöporten II
03 Snoporten III
04 Då väntar ja vid vägarna