Tabeah - Stars At Eye-Height (CD) (5871756116121)

Tabeah - Stars At Eye-Height (CD)

FMR0003 (TZ1382)

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There is music that creates its own worlds. Some are wrapped in a blanket of sound and take you on a journey. Tabeah's music does that.
With her first album, Tabeah releases unpretentiously intimate and big music that is reminiscent of a film score by Sigur Ros. "This album is my quest for absolute freedom, which moves between the playful childishness and the insanely strong wildness of my soul," explains Tabeah.
On the CD "Stars At Eye-Height" (Fattoria Musica Records) each song has its own sound language. Sometimes the music whispers delicately, sometimes everything dances in a witty pizzicato and sometimes in an epic the arc of suspense is stretched to the limit so that at the end of the journey one just has the feeling of having arrived safely. Spherical and orchestral guitar and string sounds, driven by the rhythm section and an unmistakably expressive voice that clearly flies above. They are artistic songs, almost pop, not really post-rock, a lot of world music with classical elements and melodies like film music.
The songs on this CD are almost political but too poetic to limit themselves to that. The giant lion in the song "Poetic Machine" has had enough of the pettiness of the world and flies to greater horizons in his dreams. In "Just For Now" Tabeah searches for her originality in life and sings about the urge to romp wildly through the woods instead of being a performance machine. "Paper Piano" humorously turns everything upside down to see the world from a completely different perspective. Each of these works of art wants freedom and inner vitality. Playful and imaginative, wild and challenging or originally spiritual. The intimacy and depth of these works is touching and opening. You are far away and very close to yourself at the same time.

01 Poetic Machine
02 Moon Rising
03 On My Bare Feet
04 Ancient Longing
05 Spaces I
06 Space II
07 Paper piano
08 Roar Loud And Fly
09 Space III
10 Just For Now
11 The End
12 Lullaby For Anne