YvoeRee - milkfroth (CD) (5871774761113)

YvoeRee - Milkfroth (CD)


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In their duo, Yvoe Ree (voice) and Vincent Dombrowski (piano/seaboard) combine lyrical melodies, jazz-tinged sounds and art-pop elements into moving compositions.
The musical performance, refined through language, fascinates on all levels of comprehension through artistic intensity and loving expression. Bound by their trust in each other, their shared musical vision and their will to express themselves, YvoeRee create an environment of emotional expression that inevitably captures the audience!
The Hamburg duo has been making music together since 2016. The very individual sound of their music is influenced by artists such as Björk, Jeanne Lee, Jonathan Hart Makwaia and Joni Mitchell. Profoundly poetic texts depict stories in paintings, the messages of which have a metaphorical, multi-layered effect on the recipient. Each song draws a new color into the concert program with its own character. This is supported by the versatile, also experimental vocal use of the vocalist Yvoe Ree, which almost merges with the accompanying singing piano lines of her partner Vincent Dombrowksi. The heartfelt compositions offer emotional freedom of interpretation and invite you to empathize and continue to feel beyond the concert experience.

01 rooftop
02 So soft
03 Colossus
04 Song For Agnes
05 Vivo
06 Mr. Chapman
07 birdies
08 IvoryTower
09 Josephine
10 Somewhere in the world