Martin Boliks Zeitschiff Unicorn - Krieg der Zeiten (CD) (5915514273945)

Martin Bolik's Timeship Unicorn - War of the Ages (4CD)


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What happens when the captain of the timeship Unicorn travels back to 1945 to find his lost childhood and change the past? Answer: a war of times!
So that the real past is not forgotten, Flint, the radio operator (Martin Bolik) of the time ship Unicorn (Jessica Wahls), tells the adventurous-funny, but also tragic childhood story of their captain with the help of the argumentative on-board computer parrot WÄCHTER (Santiago Ziesmer). Under the name "Kire" (which means "love" in many cultures), he grew up well protected and happy in Pomerania, today's Poland, until 1944, spoke to animals and plants and had the gift of seeing into the past ...
However, in 1944 the shadows of war reached Kire's world and increasingly obscured the radio operator's narrative. As the tale describes Kire's darkest night - the sinking of the escape steamer meant to take Kire away from the war - the timeship receives a radio message from 1945 from Captain Kire as a child. The computer parrot locates the captain and the Unicorn lands on the North Sea off Bremerhaven in the winter of 1944/45 in a changed past.

01 It was once or twice
02 childhood memories
03 New instructions
04 Keep your eyes open
05 Just away
06 Shadow Chapter
07 silence
08 The wind told me a song
09 The Shadows of the Dreamless
10 Everything is as you see it
11 The Rainbow Gate
12 When you wake up, check if you are not still dreaming
13 Epilogue - In No World