hellemen - s/t (CD) (5871779381401)

hellemen - s/t (CD)


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Here comes the musical recording bitch on duty. Just saved himself from the ashes of burnt primeval dreams. The solitary guardian of the striving Grail almost disappeared forever. But fished out from the depths of abandonment in its final hint by Timezone, this one still presents itself dynamic enough to perhaps let some people discover. If you go into the world of Hellen's songs more often, you will be rewarded with freshness and a variety of discoveries. In addition, Hellemen does not bother with tinkering, but unabashedly spits out his outpourings on CDs. Sloppy, fast, but always ahead. Even if he has to deal with the consequences of cables living at night and knotting themselves every day. First take is the program. If Hellemen isn't beaten to death at some point, he'll keep showering us with CDs that will always be different, yet somehow familiar. What else is pouring down on us in German? Listen to the beautiful world and start with Hellen.

01 Was lost for so long
02 suffering go
03 So that it doesn't etch so badly
04 dimensions
05 Two alone
06 Don't start from the bottom anymore
07 past lost
08 Around the world
09 Blessed relatives
10 Make up your mind
11 My mill