Hotel - s/t (CD) (5948066201753)

Hotel - s/t (CD)


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Edgy, melodic rock music paired with the brittle charm of northern German melancholy.
Hotel is more than just a place for people united in search of a safe haven for one night. Because this is not just any hotel - this is hotel.
Hotel is not a stylish designer shack, but full of corners and edges. With coin slot. The coffee is Magentod and the sandwiches are from Muddern. This hotel is rough. But with charm. Authentic and undisguised.
With room for your own stories behind every door. Each room with its own style, touch and colour. Far away from sterile five walls. Occasionally stories are intertwined, sometimes they remain undiscovered.
Hotel is a piece of home for a while. If you want, stay longer.

The band:
People meet in the lobby – sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose. Over many years we have met again and again in different constellations. Each of us brought our own story with us. And now we're going to tell them together.
We stay in the hotel.

01 A world, good spirits without reasons
02 Never thought of it
03 On the drip of mock seriousness
04 It's all included in the price
05 When good and bad stand in each other's way