Kaufhaus Dahl - Für Alle (CD) (5871803990169)

Department Store Dahl - For Everyone (CD)


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Kaufhaus Dahl play German-language indie rock with reminiscences of the early NDW and a pinch of post-punk. You had to tell them that first, but now they like it. The debut "Für Alle" mainly contains up-tempo numbers with refrains that stick and some other (medically harmless) brain milling. There's guitars, bass, drums and vocals and little frills, but plenty of pop appeal. A cheap e-pad from Asia and a Dutch Philicorda organ from the 1960s have also crept in.
The texts are about, for example, the self-optimization madness or the reverberation of the social media echo chambers as well as the weather, small and large clubs, the botch of the past or simply the frustration about the relegation of the football club (which has meanwhile risen again is). So far, Kaufhaus Dahl has mainly played on the Rhine and Ruhr in North Rhine-Westphalia, but with "Für Alle" it will also be going to the neighboring federal states from late summer 2019. The small town department store is on its way. The album was created in the "Klangfabrique" Lohmar and is available through Timezone Records.

01 better
02 Of love and suffering
03 echo chamber
04 Nostalgia
05 CV program
06 Stereo
07 dog days
08 earlier
09 doors
10 dismounted