Keine Übung - Singer-Songwriter zu Pflugscharen (CD) (5871810412697)

No Exercise - Singer-Songwriter To Ploughshares (CD)


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Jan Frisch is a singer-songwriter and in sound and word he questions the relevant structures of contemporary songwriting and creates something unexpected third for intellect and sediment in interaction with top-class musicians from various genres.
"Singer-Songwriter zu Ploughshares" is the name of the new rag of the terribly loud singer-songwriter formation No Exercise, will be released in September 2019 and will premiere in April. It amalgamates wandering guitars with hardcore swing and meanders through popular musical listening habits in sawtooth mode. Acoustic guitars sway in confidence, breathed sound confetti condenses in the columns of the lowest common denominator into an auditory summer fairy tale. (good luck with the music)
"In the end I'm just an agency and I have to see if that makes sense to me."
"Hey Jan, you make very good music there, but it's too wild for us. sorry Hope you understand."
“Our motto on board is 'stylish underground' and 'glamorous subversion'. Unfortunately your style doesn't fit into our program at the moment..."
"Desert orgy of noise in the opening act disturbed - The opening act by Alin Coen's guitarist Jan Frisch took more than getting used to. Armed only with a guitar and a loop station, he shouted wild text salvos in a provocative bebop manner into the audience, who covered their ears in amazement and drowned out the top-heavy cacophony with loud conversations.”

01 Would you mind continuing to call outside?
02 Disaster report from the luxury liner of inconveniences
03 I'm upset
04 twenty nineteen
05 What are you drawing?
06 singer-songwriters to ploughshares
07 Blues carnival in Holzdorf
08 Distancing
09 OK Too bad
10 In the end I'm just an agency and I have to see if that makes sense to me
11 Good luck with the music
12 Difficult subject