Kensington Road - Lumidor (CD) (5871775449241)
Kensington Road - Lumidor (CD)

Kensington Road - Lumidor (CD)


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Keep your feet still? Stay cool? Only ice-cold stoics can do that with the songs of the Berlin band Kensington Road. Everyone else is immediately hooked on the authentic sound of the band, which gets by without any frills or artifacts. Because after thousands of kilometers in the tour bus across Europe and countless live shows, the “hard-working band” Kensington Road knows exactly what they are singing about.
"Lumidor" is the third album by Kensigton Road. With songs that are even rockier, more straightforward and more direct. The new single “White Noise” gives a little foretaste, which exemplifies the intense vibe of the new album: A song that plays with the bittersweet moments in life in terms of both content and music. The moments in which you literally lose yourself in the "white noise" or seize new opportunities. Kensington Road seizes the opportunity - and always remains positive, far from common rock clichés and lures the listener from the reserve with forward-pushing energy.

1. White noise
2. All you want
3. Taxi
4. Silent But Loud
5. Blacktop
6. Here We Go Now
7. Gold
8. The Hunter
9. World Will Know Your Name
10. Stay or Run Away
11. When you come around