Let's Say We Did - s/t (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871680979097)

Let's Say We Did - s/t (12" vinyl album)


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Let's say we did are constantly changing between loud and quiet, between being monotonous and dynamic. Explosive guitars, hook laden pop songs, drone drowned melancholy and lazy and intimate vocals are all mixed behind a cloud of distortion and lo-fi aesthetic. It is clear that both the band and Pelle Gunnerfeldt has worked hard with transmitting Let's Say We Did's raw live sound on to the album. The decision to vary the recordings between the studio and the band's rehearsal room in an old closed down bakery also proved important to get the sound as uncompromising and well composed as they wanted.

01 It's OK
02 galaxies
03 Straight back to you
04 On the day
05 Let the sky come down
06 Come on Honey
07 Follow Me Down
08 Blue Skies
09 Silent and still
10 Give 'Em Hell