Stefan Saffer Band - New Day (CD) (5871784657049)

Stefan Saffer Band - New Day (CD)


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The SSB (Stefan Saffer Band) has been one of the most interesting independent bands from Leipzig since 2013. Since then, the band has developed a very individual style, which is strongly influenced by punk, classic 80s indie guitar rock, noise elements, but also by catchy, 60s-inspired melodies. This unusual and original sound has its origin mainly in the line-up of the band.
In addition to singer/guitarist Stefan Saffer (who also writes all the songs), bassist Tom Löwe and drummer Koma Kschentz complete the SSB line-up. Stefan Saffer - also known to many as a classic singer/songwriter in the field of tension between American folk/country/bluegrass and who released his highly acclaimed singer/songwriter album 'Singers & Players' on Timezone in 2015 - stands for solid, knowledgeable songwriting, has but also an eventful punk/rock past (from 1986 - 1992 singer/guitarist in the Bamberg high-energy rock band Stranded Jaywalks).
Band youngster bassist Tom Löwe comes from the classic metal/hard rock environment, while drummer Koma Kschentz (son of Renft musician Peter Pjotr ​​Kschentz, who died in 2005) can hardly be classified stylistically (Leipzig fans know the multitude of different bands in which he has already played the swung sticks), but his roots definitely lie in metal, punk and hardcore. In the classic trio line-up, the SSB develops a rock-hard sound, especially live, which has it all and with which hardly any comparisons work - although enthusiastic concert-goers keep mentioning names like Hükser Dü, Dinosaur jr, the Clash, the Who , Stooges - these may all be true as influences and inspirations, but they are all melted down into a powerful synthesis of contemporary and classic independent rock styles. Melodic, catchy songs come hard, driving and with a lot of power over the ramp, lose themselves for minutes in dissonant feedback and noise attacks until the band turns back into the song with a hard break and brings it home with a lot of verve!
With the brand new album 'New Day', this musical whirlwind is finally coming to everyone who has not yet been able to experience the band live: 10 new, original songs with an amazing stylistic variety of punk/hardcore hitters ('New Day') to riff-heavy but melodic power pop songs ('House of Rain', 'Rewind/Restart'), psychedelic-epic guitar landscapes ('Purple Plains, 'Cry Fire'), rock-hard, doomy rock ('Most hated man in town'). to the big noise freakout 'Cheap Wigs'! Press: "The Stefan Saffer Band from Leipzig delivered an energetic rock show with thundering guitar riffs and the uniquely rough voice of Stefan Saffer" ( "The 3 guys are reminiscent of rock greats like "The Who" or "The Clash" and offered a rock-hard live performance” (Rockland FM) “Their live show has an explosive emotionality that frontman Stefan Saffer lived out to the full at this gig! Strong!” (SZ)

2. House Of Rain
3.Cry Fire
4. Perfect
5. Rewind / restart
6.Monkey Time
7.Purple Plains
8. Paper Scissors Stone
9. Most Hated Man In Town
10. Cheap Wigs