Various Artists - 6122 (2CD)

Various Artists - 6122 (2CD)


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In recent years, the music world has lost some of its big stars and musical pioneers. David Bowie, Prince and many others are way too early on this list and May 26th, 2022 fits in there for millions of electronic music fans. On this day Andrew Fletcher, founding member of Depeche Mode, embarked on his last journey, aged 60. In particular, fans from all over the world, who have supported the band for decades, seem to have remained in shared grief and shock for months. The legitimate question for many is “how is the band going?” and sharing their condolences with the remaining members Martin Gore and Dave Gahan, Andy's friends and especially his wife Grainne and his children Megan and Joe.

Several international artists have now come together, directed by Daniel Gierke of the act The Brute: for a musical farewell and a thank you to Andrew "Fletch" Fletcher for over 40 years of music history, and recorded a compilation of various covers of Depeche Mode’s songs. The idea is not new. The difference lies in the top-class cast!

Gareth Jones, the producer of three Depeche Mode albums and hits like "People Are People” participates as well as Bernhard Lloyd with his current project Atlantic Popes, known as a member of Alphaville, who wrote in the 80s synth-pop anthems like "Big In Japan” and “Forever Young". Also present is Watershed from South Africa, who rose to global fame with their 2002 smash hit “Indigo Girl”, Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb, Polly Scattergood, the iconic electronic music pioneers from Italy Kirlian Camera, Carlos Peron, co-founder of the Swiss band Yello, Markus Reinhardt, formerly a member of Wolfsheim, Roy Jones, Nico Wieditz of And One, The Brute: themselves and the award-winning UK act Northern Kind.

The entire project has a charitable purpose. 50% of the profit will be donated to a charity for children in UK, and the Children’s Cancer Trust in Germany who officially partners to the project.

The aim was to bring together different artists from different decades, old musical companions of "Fletch" as well as known artists across different genres and promising new bands who were influenced by Depeche Mode's sound. From Rock, Electronic, Alternative, Pop, Crossover to Synthwave, everything is represented. 29 acts from the UK, the US, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, South Africa and Switzerland say “See You” in such a stylish way.

The compilation with the name "6122", the year Andrew Fletcher was born and died, will be released on November 25th, 2022 as a Christmas present for all fans worldwide.

01 A Question Of Time - The Brute :
02 Never Let Me Down Again - Watershed
03 In Your Room - NightNight
04 Ice Machine - Renard feat. Mary Ann
05 Broken - Redeem
06 Stripped - Starlights Live
07 Little 15 - Atlantic Popes
08 The Sun And The Rainfall - Apsürde feat. Manoya
09 My Secret Garden - Cold Connection
10 It’s No Good - Oxic Inc. feat. De La Morte
11 Dream On - Roy Jones & Red Beat
12 Should Be Higher - The Rude Awakening
13 Somebody - Toal, The Brute :, People Theatre
14 In Sympathy - Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb)
15 Heaven - Zentrum Ost 71

16 Enjoy The Silence - LeBen
17 Personal Jesus - Polly Scattergood
18 Wrong - Kirlian Camera
19 Policy Of Truth - Rohn-Lederman
20 To Have And To Hold - Page Of Quire
21 Angel - Tom Meeloo
22 The Sun And The Rainfall - Northern Kind
23 Photographic - Shelter
24 A Barrel Of A Gun (El Presidente Peron Yeah John) - Carlos Peron
25 I Feel You - Tin Gun
26 I Feel Loved - Daniel Hall feat. Stephen Newton
27 Oberkorn (It’s A Small Town) - Electrogenetic by Gareth Jones
28 Clean - Neocoma
29 Breathe - The Brute : feat. Rachel Delgado