Various Artists - Off Label Werkschau 2009-2014 (CD) (5871717482649)

Various Artists - Off Label Work Show 2009-2014 (CD)


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When the first single was released by Johnny Hankes Off Label Records a good five years ago, I didn't think for a second that it would become a solid label. The Doc (as they call him in the music business, because he's not only familiar with acoustic medicine) didn't plan it that way himself. As a fan, he just wanted to put out a few vinyl singles. But when DM Bob offered him a never-released album from his poison closet, he caught fire and went for it. To date there are more than fifty productions.
Rock 'n' roll has changed a lot in recent years. The nostalgia number associated with strictly pigeonholed thinking has continued to lose importance, and at the same time international, sometimes downright crazy-avant-garde aspects have become stronger. Off Label Records is one of the labels that we have to thank for this development and for the fact that rock 'n' roll isn't hanging like a dead man in a museum. What this compilation reflects, with additives from Brazil to Australia to Berlin and Augsburg.
I can't give any good advice here. But because sometimes it's such a thing with your dealer, I would like to point this out: If in doubt consult the Doc! So for my health there is nothing better. - Franz Dobler

01 Too Close To Heaven - Dad Horse Experience XL
02 Big Man - DM Bob & Speedy Jake
03 Dotted White Line - The Blues Against Youth
04 All The Way Back Home - The Dinosaur Truckers
05 No Calypso Song - Coconut Kings
06 Bury Me Deep - Steve Train & His Bad Habits
07 Rocket In Your Pocket - Jenny & The Steady Go's
08 Avaler La Couleuvre - Thee Verduns
09 Tears In Vain - Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples
10 Feeling Great Now Shes Gone - Lynx Lynx
11 Wild Man - The Mokkers
12 Not Like You - The Vagoos
13 Rats In My Amp - Salty Pajamas
14 Ballroom - Vulgar Grade
15 Meatjuice Mustache - Made For Chickens By Robots
16 Chicken Yodeling Woman - O Lendario Chucrobillyman
17 Worm - Reverse Cowgirls
18 Horse & Cows - Pea & The Pees
19 All Of My Dreams Come True - Bj Morriszonkle
20 Saaraband - Pork Chop Party