Dream.Box - Mittwinter (CD)
Dream.Box - Midwinter (CD)

Dream.Box - Midwinter (CD)


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The duo Dream.box - consisting of the singer Yvonne Dombrowski and the harpist Marie Schroeder - was founded in Hamburg in 2020. The two musicians met in 2018 and decided last year, when the corona pandemic prevented almost all concert activities, to develop a program together to give their own artistic development a boost. A deep musical bond grew out of a friendship, in which Marie Schroeder's classical expertise and Yvonne Dombrowski's vocal use, which is rooted in jazz singing, come together to create an enchanting mix: the unusual line-up fascinates and casts a spell over the audience. The duo's program draws on various currents, which is partly due to the training of the musicians. While Yvonne was studying jazz singing in Osnabrück, Marie was studying classical concert harp in Berlin. Accordingly, both styles have an influence on the joint musical work. At the same time, it is difficult to assign their music to a specific genre. Dream.box is something entirely unique. The arrangements are written especially for the duo.

Yvonne and Marie are now presenting their first album "Mittwinter". Both well-known and less well-known winter and Christmas pieces can be heard in new, sensitive interpretations, which surprise again and again due to their multifaceted nature. In the dark and cold season, "Mittwinter" invites you to make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea in front of the fireplace, to listen and maybe dream a little. 

01 All Through The Night
02 Silver Bells
03 Christmas In The Old Man's Hat
04 In The Bleak Midwinter
05 Carol Of The Bells
06 Sleep, my little child
07 Good King Wenceslas
08 It's gonna be like dumpa
09 Scarborough Fair
10 Let It Snow
11 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
12 I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas