Firlefanz und Grete - Von Hühnern, Äpfeln und anderen Fahrzeugen (CD) (5871771418777)

Frippery and Grete - Of chickens, apples and other vehicles (CD)


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They actually write and paint children's books - Fanz and Firle. As the “kings of the cardboard picture book”, they have already published more than 70 of them and there is no end in sight. But every once in a while, they treat themselves to a book break. Then music is made. Then songs are written and performed together with Grete, Prof. Dr. Bumm and Herr Und performed.
On their first CD, Firlefanz and Grete play songs for little big ones and big little ones (from 3 to 333). There are well-known children's songs in a new guise with "Green, green, green" and "In a small apple", but above all there are wonderful, melodic-groovy new songs to be heard: about strange aunts, disgusting vegetables, cuddly toys falling asleep, ready for vacation dogs and a small but very important word that all children should know (and without giving it away completely: please and thank you are not).

1. Mama chicken is looking for an egg
2. Vegetables
3. No!
4 seasons
5. Etepetete-Aunt Ann
6. Tatutata
7. In a small apple
8. Green, green, green
9. Sick
10. Four on a grand voyage
11. When stuffed animals go to sleep (+ My stuffed bear fell asleep)