Frank & seine Freunde - Familien Party Kinder Disco Hits (CD) (5871766962329)

Frank & Friends - Family Party Kids Disco Hits (CD)


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Party music for the whole family, with which both young and old have a lot of fun - that's the new album "Family Party Children's Disco Hits" by Frank & Friends. Many well-known party hits re-recorded in a modern style, which is also ideal for children of different ages.
An absolute highlight is the bonus track "Ich will", which was first released by the band UKW in 1982. Frank Acker and UKW singer Peter Hubert sing the Neue Deutsche Welle hit in a duet with a kids' choir. Cool & Fresh - that's what the new Frank & Friends album sounds like.

01 Hey, we want to see the polar bears
02 Nesaiah
03 helicopter
04 Gummi Bear Gang
05 click click (club mix)
06 Rock ducky (We will rock you)
07 I want
08 When the fried potatoes bloom in the village
09 Iced lemonade
10 2 little wolves (party mix)