Herr Müller und seine Gitarre - Ohrwürmer (CD) (5871825977497)

Mr. Müller and his guitar - catchy tunes (CD)


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Herr Müller and his guitar recorded their anniversary album Ohrwurm right on time for their tenth birthday. The title says it all, because the very different musical styles, catchy rhythms and funny lyrics make each of the ten titles catch your eye. The instrumentation goes far beyond the guitar and in addition to bass, drums and percussion, the new album features a Hawaiian guitar, several mandolins and lots of brass in the form of trumpets, trombones and a tuba. In the song Superhelden 2 Mr. Müller and his guitar have updated the heroes in a new, very rocky version. Mr. Müller had already made it onto the Radio TEDDY Hits Sampler Vol. 9 with the first version of the song. The CD Earwigs effortlessly manages the balancing act of being entertaining for both small and larger children and is not even put down by Mr. Müller's pubescent kids.

01 Worm announcement 1
02 birthday
03 worm announcement 2
04 Caroline mandolin
05 worm announcement 3
06 When bugs dance
07 worm announcement 4
08 flea market
09 worm announcement 5
10 Joseph Kekudu
11 worm announcement 6
12 games
13 worm announcement 7
14 giant snail, pygmy elephant
15 worm announcement 8
16 french fries polonaise
17 worm announcement 9
18 superheroes 2
19 worm announcement 10
20 This is where the party starts
21 worm announcement 11
22 Play K.(ara)O.(ke)
23 flea market KO
24 superheroes 2 KO
25 Here the party goes from KO