Herr Müller und seine Gitarre - Schräge Typen (CD) (5871713747097)

Mr. Müller and his guitar - weird guys (CD)


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Balloons float in the air, a star pig grazes in space with the Milky Way cows and Klaus the louse is to blame for the bad mood. On a bike tour, the bell rings loudly, a boy jumps into bed, because that's how you wake up and the World Cup victory of the national team is celebrated like a champion. "Schräge Jungs" present on the brand new children's song CD by "Mr. Müller and his guitar", which, as usual, offers first-class entertainment and a good portion of fun.

01 Announcement: The Statz
02 The Statz
03 Announcement: Tavern for Suffel Animals
04 Tavern for the drinking animals
05 Announcement: Balloon
06 balloon
07 Announcement: World Champion
08 World Champion
09 Announcement: Make way
10 place there
11 Announcement: Be a researcher
12 Be a researcher
13 Announcement: Klaus, the louse
14 Klaus the louse
15 Announcement: trampoline man
16 trampoline man
17 Announcement: Huh?
18 huh?
19 Announcement: Star Pig
20 star pig
21 announcement bonus track
22 bonus track